International Development
for Educational Access

Promoting Educational Opportunities
and Real Educational Innovation

Who we are?

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR EDUCATIONAL ACCESS (IDEA) was established in 2012 by a group of Vietnamese and American educators. We established IDEA because we saw a need to bring innovative English learning opportunities to students of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

In regards to teaching English, our 'IDEA' was to make learning fun, and incorporate a hands-on, communicative approach to learning with an emphasis on speaking. We soon saw other educational needs like health and safety for young kids, emergency preparedness for schools and teachers, teacher training in diverse methodology, fun summer activities and camps, and environmental educational awareness.

As our educational opportunities grew, so did our overall mission, yet the core of our goals are the same: To be a socially responsible entity and provide access to educational opportunities and understanding. We advocate for successful quality education innovations worldwide and work hard to promote safety education, environmental education, and quality language learning. We strive to give students the tools they need in order to improve their own lives.

Our Mission
English Program

We are not a typical school like many programs in Hanoi. We have real native speaking teachers with experience in our unique methodology. Many of them possessing Masters degree. We are a better IDEA.

In Hanoi, IDEA saw that there can be a better way and has sought to bring innovative and unique teaching methodologies to the current system with the approval of the teachers and principals.

Learning any language can be innovative and fun!
Don’t just study grammar, speak English!

One of the most important things in education is being able to communicate in our globalized world. In this ever internationalizing and global stage, English has become key to accessing information and is the main form of communication around the world.

Course Details
Our kids started the day with a check in on how everyone was doing and then received the 'word for the day', a character building trait that they would have to demonstrate later with their classmates voting on who best personified this trait. Then it was off to the various activities of the day based on each kids group. All activities were in English and all were designed to be fun. Course Details
The International Summer Academy at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina will give students from Vietnam the opportunity to integrate and learn about American and local Appalachian culture through educational, cultural and social events with Upward Bound and Gear Up students as well as university and community members. Course Details

Stay Safe Training Program

Our program aims to inform and educate people of the various dangers in our modern world and to be prepared and know what to do in case of an emergency situation.

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Environmental Education Program

Another really important educational piece that we like to promote to various schools and agencies is being aware of what actions harm or help the world we live in.

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Our Team
  • Board of Directors
  • Mr. Brian J. Dockery

    MA Ed, Co-founder and Organizational Advisor
  • Mrs. Huong T. Nguyen

    MA Ed, Co-founder and Co-director
  • Mrs. Ba T. Nguyen

    Msc, Co-director
  • Dr. Nhung K. Nguyen

    Technical Advisor
  • Board of Advisors
  • Dr. David Shallenberger

    Board of Advisors
  • Dr. Rick Mc Garry

    Board of Advisors
  • Dr. Maria Adeigbola

    Board of Advisors